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Dedicated Servers / VPS, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Colocation

Professional Hosting Services
in our own Data Center

Web Hosting

Web hosting services have all the facilities needed to keep your site online with guaranteed resources.


VPS Cloud Hosting

A VPS hosted in the cloud will allow you to configure, customize and administer just like a dedicated server, but at much more affordable prices.


Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server represents the professional solution that combines the native performance of dedicated hardware as well as the effective isolation of other clients.


Data Centers

Our data centers are an essential part of the NAV infrastructure, making it possible to deliver a serie of impressive services and applications.


We can create Any Communication Solution!

From basic solutions for small and medium-sized companies, to complex solutions implemented on own infrastructure, contractually guaranteed and with permanent professional support.

We find a strategy

We plan together

We implement it

The business is online


We know how much your business is based on Internet access, so for a fast and reliable connection we provide you with a wide range of fiber optic Internet access speeds and we help you implement what best suits your communication in the online environment.


We host servers and other equipment in our own data centers offering security, 99.99% uptime warranty and complete network redundancy. At the same time, our data center solutions have integrated systems that are designed for complex applications.


A web hosting reseller account gives you the support you need to host an unlimited number of cPanel accounts without the cost of a dedicated server or licensing. In addition to all our clients we offer access to the most efficient platform that offers the possibility to resell the .ro domains through a secure connection to a central API.


With the backup service you can backup both the desired files or the entire server. R1Soft Bypasses the file system and reads data directly from disk. Block-level backup offers advantages over alternative methods, such as backup speed and I/O reduction, allowing backups without losing performance.

We work with the most DevelopedStrong companies from all over the world

The development of a business is done through strategic, strong and future partnerships

NAV Media

OCT 13 2021

Upgrade to a 10G port now!

We are proud to announce our new Internet access offers with 10G port and unlimited/unmetered traffic of 10Gb/s (global Internet). You can now request the installation of 10G for the location of your company headquarters and/or for the already active services, dedicated servers, colocation or VPS.

MAR 05 2019

10Gb/s partnership with RCS & RDS.

We continue to invest in our telecommunications infrastructure built on technologies that include top providers such as our new partner RCS & RDS.

They appreciates Us

We feel confident in recommending NAV as a reliable partner, offering adequate assistance. We've found working with NAV easy, fast and efficient, and in a timely manner.”

Ștefan D. - Telekom

NAV seems very competent and is very prompt in his responses and feedback. They tries to be clear in his answers and will clarify any questions that rise. They has also been extremely available for communications with third parties, so that matters can easily and quickly be addressed and solved.”

EBCC - Portugalia

“I am very pleased with the promptness of NAV Comunications in solving problems. I am especially pleased with the patience and flexibility shown in relation to our company.”

Ing. Horia Mioșcu - Electrica S.A.

“The seriousness, professionalism and unquestionable quality of NAV services have helped us to become one of the most important companies in the Game Hosting industry and beyond. We started collaborating since 2009, and we are constantly growing since then.”

Mihai R. - AS57773 - HOSTINGBIT SRL

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