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The company NAV has been present on thes IT market since 1997. We started with partnerships with prestigious local companies, the experience gained allowing us to expand our market share by designing and implementing services packages adapted to the mainstream segment.

The data center and the communication infrastructure were designed by a team of specialized engineers, based on industry standards, but without ignoring the need for flexibility of the modern user. Internal operational procedures bring major improvements in the experience of using the service, avoiding the adoption of cumbersome processes specific to the enterprise environment, but without compromising on physical security and IT.

We pride ourselves on the fact that the ingeniously chosen solutions allow us to exceed the standards of uptime, performance and security, while guaranteeing customers a faster business growth, allowing them considerable savings in IT operational budgets.

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We offer perfectly tailored services for the needs of your business.

Fiber optic Internet

We live in a world where the keyword is speed. Traditional companies, which are reluctant to adapt to current trends, are beginning to lose ground in front of those who have realized that fast and efficient communication with its customers is the path to success. Contact us for the best fiber optic Internet offer.


When you realize that your business is affected by the unavailability of internal IT applications, it is time to consider the advantages of placing the equipment in a professional Data Center, equipped according to Tier-3 norms. The optimum operating conditions for your equipment can be ensured without investing considerable amounts in professional equipment. It is enough to host them in our Data Center which has all the facilities necessary for maximum uptime.

Dedicated servers

It is the top choice for performance and stability in use. We provide enterprise-class servers equipped with Intel Xeon processors, ECC memory and SSD storage. You will have advanced remote management functions (KVM-over-IP, remote power reset) that make remote administration extremely easy and efficient. You can choose preset or custom configurations depending on your business specificity.

VPS Cloud Hosting

A VPS is the best solution when the business is started and the hardware resource requirement is not considerable. As the business grows, the configuration of a VPS can be adjusted by adding resources. The major advantage of a VPS is the extremely easy administration and the automatic failover function which ensures the continuity of the functionality in case of a hardware failure.

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The development of a business is done through strategic, strong and future partnerships.

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