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Cloud VPS with SSD storage

Premium Cloud VPS on High Availability Cluster

Cloud VPS on powerful servers and SSD storage. Cloud VPS service is offered exclusively for those who want a better performance for hosting a website or application.

B r o n z e

For starters or test environments


6.99 monthly

Special price - € 83.88 annual

Hosting on a virtual private server

Choose this package

1 core 2300 MHz

Intel® Xeon® E5-2697v4


RAM Frequency 2133MHz


SSD Cloud Storage

IPv4 addresses /32 (1 IP)

IPv6 addresses /64

100 Mb/s

Internet access, Port 1 Gb/s

G o l d

Optimized for websites


18.99 monthly

Special price - € 227.88 anual

Hosting on a virtual private server

Choose this package

4 core 18400 MHz

Intel® Xeon® E5-2697v4


RAM Frequency 2133MHz

100 GB SSD

SSD Cloud Storage

IPv4 addresses /32 (1 IP)

IPv6 addresses /64

400 Mb/s

Internet access, Port 1 Gb/s

P l a t i n u m

Medium or large applications


38.99 monthly

Special price - € 467.88 annual

Hosting on a virtual private server

Choose this package

6 core 18400 MHz

Intel® Xeon® E5-2697v4


RAM Frequency 2133MHz

200 GB SSD

SSD Cloud Storage

IPv4 addresses /32 (1 IP)

IPv6 addresses /64

600 Mb/s

Internet access, Port 1 Gb/s

Options and fast Upgrade

For any Cloud VPS server additional resources can be added at any time, it can be updated very easily.

IP Addresses

When you have a project and for this it is necessary to use more than one IP address.

€ 4.00


RAM can me upgraded anytime and as needed without the need for restarting the Cloud VPS server.

€ 0.80 /1GB

SSD Storage

For Cloud VPS we offer the freedom to choose the space required for the project or application running on it.

€ 0.20 /1GB

cPanel/WHM - Cloud

cPanel/WHM is the most popular and easy to use control panel. By choosing cPanel, its installation is free.

from € 18.00


CloudLinux is an operating system specifically designed to improve server stability and security.

€ 14.00

DirectAdmin Lite

You can choose the safest and fastest control panel that offers the possibility of total configuration of the software.

€ 11.00

The most popular operating systems

Use a familiar environment by choosing from various Linux distributions such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora or Debian.

Flexibility and control

Control panel simplified

+ High Availability Cluster

Together with the Cloud VPS server, we provide a very user-friendly interface through which you can manage the server as you wish. The control panel features provide facilities such as VNC console installation, TUN/TAP or Reverse DNS creation access.

Cloud VPS represents stability and performance, which is why we have designed a completely redundant infrastructure: High Availability Cluster.


As storage technology we use ceph, which is a unified, distributed object/block storage system, designed for excellent performance, reliability and scalability.

NAV AMS Protection

Each VPS benefits from protection for the mitigation of "DDoS and Flood" computer attacks based on a "packet" traffic analysis solution.

Your question, our answer

How long does it take to activate a VPS server?

The activation of a VPS server is done automatically after the payment has been registered. Once activated, you will receive an email containing all the necessary data for its administration.

I bought a VPS, now what?

The simple answer would be: Install the operating system, the services necessary for your site to work, make your application configuration and ready. If you do not know the details of these steps, it is very likely that you bought the VPS for nothing. We can help you on time to the extent that time will allow, but we recognize that it is impossible to assume the promise that we can provide training to a user starting from scratch to the level where an application has been installed, optimized and secured.

How many domains can I host on the VPS server?

Whatever you want. The limits are those imposed by the hardware resources and the space allocated. You can host a domain, 100 or 1000, if you fall within the allocated resources.

I want to upgrade to a higher package, how do I do?

From your client account, select the desired service, click on the tab Management actions and choose the option Upgrade/downgrade package. To do this, you must pay all outstanding invoices for that service.

Do you backup my VPS?

Yes, OpenVZ VPSs benefit from daily backup. Restore can be done only by our team of engineers and only at cost depending on the size of the space occupied by the VPS server.

My VPS doesn't work, what do I do??

Before opening a support ticket, try to gather as many details as possible that will help us give you an answer as quickly as possible. Go to the administration interface and see if you notice a problem. If that page does not load, it is very likely to be a problem between your PC and our network and it does not mean that your VPS is not functional, but you should open a ticket so we can investigate.

Terms and Conditions

1. Use of resources

a. All VPS servers are monitored to track resource consumption on the physical machine. If a VPS server uses too much of a resource (memory, processor), then it can be suspended without prior notification.

b. Customers may request an upgrade of the package or resources allocated. It is the client's responsibility to contact us early to request increased resources so as to avoid server downtime.

2. Backup

a. The backup is performed daily by VPS server through the R1Soft backup solution, on external storage. The data on the backup server is stored for the last 10 calendar days. NAV Communications cannot guarantee the integrity of the backup.

b. The client can integrate his own backup solutions but without damaging the physical machines in the cloud in any way.

c. NAV Communications is not liable in any way for the loss of information hosted on VPS servers as a result of user actions, hacking attacks, or due to errors existing in applications that are not associated with the service.

d. The services who are suspended for any reason are automatically excluded from the backup.

3. Terms of payment, suspension and deletion of the VPS server

a. The client agrees to pay the value of the VPS service in advance of the period for which it is provided.

b. The amount of the invoice is paid at the beginning of each payment period, within 7 calendar days from the date of issuing the proforma invoice.

c. The server activation is done in about 5 minutes after payment confirmation.

d. Exceeding the payment deadline by 2 days results in the server being suspended.

e. Exceeding the deadline by 30 days results in irreversible deletion of the server.

The last revision of these Terms and Conditions was made on 21/06/2021.

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