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Support offered by our team of qualified engineers, comes to answer the needs and demands imposed by the conduct and development of your business.

The business environment is increasingly dependent on how we communicate and the ability to respond promptly to challenges. That's why all companies want to benefit from fast and secure communication solutions that increase their efficiency and offer them quality solutions for the success of their business.

By becoming a NAV customer you will benefit from our technical and commercial support. Support for our customers is provided through a helpline, email and a smart ticket system.

Fiber Optic Internet

We guarantee the Internet connection between NAV and the client's location, so support is limited to configuring the service on NAV equipment to the client's equipment where he is responsible for the configuration. If the client wants additional information about the configuration, he will notify and receive all the necessary information from our technical department (NOC).

Dedicated Servers and Colocation

The services run on the server are at the client's discretion, we provide the necessary conditions for the server to operate in optimal conditions. Thus, our duty is to provide continuous electricity, constant ambient temperature and Internet connection. Configuring, managing and optimizing the server or services is the responsibility of the client.

If you want support for the configuration, administration or optimization of the server we can offer these installation, configuration, optimization and debugging services for the usual services (web, mail, databases, ftp, etc ...), the price being calculated according to the complexity the situation and the time required to solve the task.

Data Center

Within the data center NAV will provide rack space, electricity supply, Internet connection (if applicable) and constant ambient temperature. The support is offered up to the client's equipment access. In case of failures, our support team (NOC) will notify the client about the problem arising from the equipment, and the client will decide if he needs our support or wants to come personally to the data center. If the client has a support and maintenance contract then the respective contract will be respected.

Terms of Provision of Services

The deadline for installing the Internet access service is approximately 72 hours from the signing of the contract.

The deadline for installing the equipment to be colocated is approximately 2 hours after receiving the equipment in the data center.

The install time of a Dedicated Server is approximately 2 hours after receiving the payment within the hours of the program.