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Frequently asked questions

You will find below the answers to the most frequent questions related to the services we offer.

  • Why would I choose NAV?
    • We don't want to bore you with snoring speeches about TCO, ROI, competitiveness and other commercial terms. What you have to remember is that the major difference between us and most other providers is that we rely on solid growth, not on the "money now" concept. We prefer to prevent than to treat, to give up one problem customer than to have a hundred dissatisfied customers. Because we understand that in this industry compromises and patching only prolong and extrapolate problems, we want you to continue to be our customers because you want to, not because you are bound by contractual terms. We believe in balanced solutions from the point of view of costs, performance and stability, understanding the balance between the three components and thus making the right strategic decisions.
  • I have a problem, how can I contact you??
    • The only inconvenience that can arise in the development of an affinity between a certain client and a certain colleague is constituted by the situations in which the client has a problem to solve and tries to contact our colleague who is on leave. That is why we believe that all requests should be sent to the technical department or to the commercial department, with each of them being taken over by an available person. In case of incidents or requests of a technical nature, you must open a support ticket either from your customer account in the Support > Tickets section, or you can send an email to the address support [at] nav [dot] co, using the email account declared when registering on the website CPC NAV (https://client.ro). For questions of a commercial nature, you can write to us at sales [at] nav [dot] co or call us at +4021-655-5555.
  • Shared hosting, dedicated server or VPS?
    • For a simple presentation site and a few email addresses, the best solution is a shared hosting account. If you have the necessary technical skills and want a higher level of control, but have a limited budget, then choose a VPS. And if your web application needs top performance, full guarantee of resources and complete isolation from other clients then the recommended solution is a dedicated server.
  • My service is no longer working, what do I do?
    • In the case of web hosting or web reseller accounts, this is almost always about an automatic blocking of your IP, following the detection of suspicious activity. To urgently solve the problem, read the question "I can't access the website and/or email, how can I solve it?". If you do not have this problem, please open a support ticket from the customer area https://client.ro or you can send an email to support [at] nav [dot] co, but it is important to send it from the address you used when you registered your customer account. If you contact us from another email address, your message will be rejected.
  • I can't access the website and/or email, how can I solve it?
    • In the case of web hosting accounts, this is almost always an automatic blocking of your IP after suspicious activity is detected. To expedite the resolution of the problem, please access your account and in the client area in the menu on the left you will find the option UnBan Center. Through it you will be able to unlock your IP address immediately.
  • I can't do it, can you help me?
    • Management services are extremely expensive. Don't take our word for it, search the Internet (eliminating the fairy tale offers of "hosting companies" that are not even registered as commercial companies). To a fairly limited extent, if we have the time and it's a popular app we've dealt with before, we may be able to help. However, this is not a guarantee that you can give up the administration subscription you have with the company that made your website, hoping from the start that we can take over this matter. Such a problem can sometimes end up being solved even in a few days, if only then we will find time, and in some situations this interval can be unacceptably long.
  • Can you help me from a technical point of view?
    • NAV Communications services are unmanaged. This means that we provide you with the necessary infrastructure (hardware support and Internet connectivity) to make your application work, along with popular management tools, e.g. cPanel or SolusVM, which allow a user without much technical experience to create and manage an FTP account, an email account, a database, etc.
  • How are the services billed?
    • Invoices for newly ordered services can be paid at the last stage of the ordering process. We recommend payment by credit card or PayPal. We believe in the advantages of the self-service concept, therefore we have implemented technical solutions for the automatic activation of most services, so that once you have completed the payment using one of these means, in a few seconds the service is activated, respectively the domain is registered and you receive by email all the information you need to start working. You can also pay by payment order or bank transfer, but in the case of the payment order there is the inconvenience of the considerable time between the moment you paid and the moment the money reaches our account. In conclusion, we recommend the 2 electronic payment options, and the alternatives remain only for cases where you cannot use any of the 2 recommended methods.
  • How long does it take to activate a service or domain?
    • Shared hosting services, VPS and international domains are automatically activated, but some ordered upgrades are manually activated only during normal business hours. A dedicated server can usually be activated within 2 hours during normal business hours. Servers can be brought in for colocation within the time frame agreed with the salesperson. .ro domains and their derivatives are manually activated in approximately one hour during normal business hours.
  • What is the anti-SPAM policy?
    • We have zero tolerance for violating national and international SPAM regulations. Any complaint received on the specific email addresses will lead to the immediate and definitive suspension without any notice of the service that generated the incident.
  • How do you address DoS/DDoS attacks?
    • Attacks directed against customers will be automatically blocked by the protection system when a certain amount of traffic (undisclosed for security reasons) is exceeded. Specialized attacks (eg Slowloris) can be mitigated on the server locally.
  • Do you offer customized services?
    • We understand that in most cases, configurations adapted to the specifics of the applications that will run on our servers are needed, so please contact us beforehand, giving us as many details as possible related to the activity in the online environment and we will find the best and most accessible solutions.
  • How can I change my account email address?
    • Access to the customer area is based on the email address and password set when registering the account (https://client.ro).
      - If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by accessing the link https://client.ro/pwreset.php
      - If you have forgotten the email address of the account, then it is necessary to send us a request to office [at] nav [dot] co
      - If you want to change the email address of the account then it is necessary to send us a request that includes both the old email address and the new email address that you want us to set for your account. In the case of individuals, the application must contain the CNP and signature and in the case of companies, the application must contain the company data, signature and stamp.
  • What is the coverage area in Romania?
    • At the moment we do not have our own infrastructure to cover areas in Romania, but through contracts between you and cable network telecommunications operators who have the necessary infrastructure, we can help you with Internet access almost anywhere in Romania. The exact areas are specified on the map found on the Internet access page.
  • What is the coverage area globally?
    • Our company has partnerships with international providers that have infrastructure in certain countries (areas) in Europe but also globally. The exact areas are specified on the map found on the Internet access page.
  • What are the advantages of server colocation?
    • The advantages can be many, but the most important are those in which you do not have to invest in redundant air conditioning solutions, in professional UPS and diesel generators. We provide you with Internet access without having to negotiate with different providers. You have access to your server at any time for troubleshooting, upgrades, etc.
  • What should I do before bringing the sever?
    • It is important that before you bring the server you install your operating system on it to be able to connect to it remotely. We also recommend configuring your IP settings before bringing it over. These details will be provided to you by our colleagues from the technical department. In this way, if there will be no complications, the entire installation will only involve powering up the equipment and connecting it to the switch.
  • Why would I colocate the server to NAV?
    • Because both our equipment and our clients are hosted in their own "Tier 3 ready" data centers in the northern area of Bucharest, equipped with professional air conditioning systems, redundant electricity supply, fire and seismic protection.
  • Do I need to sign anything when I bring the equipment?
    • Of course, when you leave the equipment in our custody, in addition to the data center service provision contract, a written report will be signed in two copies, one of which will remain with us and one with you. It will contain detailed information about your equipment and its technical characteristics.
  • My server resource exceeds the maximum allowed, what can be done about it?
    • Please contact us specifying the maximum capacity of the sources, if they are in dual or single configuration and specify the consumption of the server at the start peak, in idle and in normal operation mode. If an additional cost is required, it will be necessary to choose the appropriate amount in the order form.
  • Is it possible to install your own Internet connection solution?
    • NAV Communications is a neutral colocation center, therefore external connections to the Internet can be established but we can also provide you with whatever capacity is required for your services. Our network is configured redundantly and traffic is protected from DoS/DDoS attacks through traffic scrubbing systems.
  • What level of control do I have?
    • For the dedicated servers service, we offer you full root access. In addition, we can offer you the opportunity to give remote reset regardless of the state of the operating system and remote installation/reinstallation.
  • What operating systems do you offer?
    • In principle, we can offer you any operating system, and in the case of those with commercial licenses, you will have to provide us with either an ISO image or the installation media, together with evidence that you are authorized to use the respective license, (license agreements, purchase invoices, etc.).
  • What limitations do I have?
    • In addition to the hardware resources of your server, please respect the limits of reasonable use of Internet connectivity. The costs of dedicated server plans have been built taking into account average connectivity usage.
  • Do I have access to traffic graphs?
    • At the moment we do not offer access to graphs, but you can always request the bandwidth consumption graph for your server. In addition, you can install any monitoring/graphics method on your server, an example would be cacti.
  • Why can't I get more than 32 IPv4 addresses?
    • Because, in general, one IP is enough and sometimes a second one for the "false" redundancy of the nameservers if you host them on your server. It is a known fact that there are many spammers who rent dedicated servers with large IP classes. This throttling policy has no other role than to make our dedicated server offering disadvantageous for these potential customers. If you have a solid justification for more than 32 IPs please contact us and we will try to find a solution.
  • I bought a VPS, now what do I do?
    • The simple answer would be: You install the operating system, the services necessary for your website to work, configure your application and that's it. If you don't know the details of these steps, it's very likely that you bought your VPS for nothing. We can help you punctually as time allows, but we recognize that it is impossible to make a promise that we can provide training for a novice user from scratch to the level at which he has an installed, optimized and secured application.
  • How many domains can I host on the VPS server?
    • As much as you want. The limits are those imposed by the hardware resources and the allocated space. You can host one domain, 100 or 1000, if you fit within the allocated resources.
  • I want to upgrade to a higher package, how do I do it?
    • From your customer account, select the desired service, click on the tab Management Actions and choose the option Upgrade or downgrade package. To achieve this, you must have paid all outstanding invoices for that service.
  • Do you backup VPSs?
    • Yes, VPSs on the KVM platform are backed up. Restore can only be done by our engineering team and only for a fee depending on the size of the space occupied by the VPS server.
  • My VPS is not working, what do I do?
    • Before opening a support ticket, try to collect as many details as possible that will help us give you an answer as quickly as possible. Access the client area https://client.ro and see if you notice a problem. If that page doesn't load, it's very likely a problem between your PC and our network and it doesn't mean your VPS isn't working, but you should open a ticket so we can investigate.

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