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Daily backup
One click restore

Use the most advanced backup system for websites and databases with no technical knowledge required.

0.25 /GB monthly

+ Free service for all web hosting packages from NAV.

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Backup Website — Fully automated — Super secure — Simple — Monitorized 24/7 — Google’s Safe Browsing — 100% Cloud Backup

Premium benefits

You can back up all your sites and databases, regardless of hosting provider, in one easy-to-use control panel.

  • Automatic daily backup
  • Daily malware scan
  • Backup per file, folder or database
  • Scheduled or on-demand backup
  • Continuous security monitoring
  • Local direct downloads
  • One click restore
  • Secure cloud storage
  • Assistance when you need it

Don't worry about your files

Website backup keeps your data safe.
Protect yourself with our free website monitoring capabilities.

100% Automatic

No need to back up manually anymore, everything is automatic and you have full control over when the daily backup is performed.

100% Safe

Rest easy knowing that your website information and reputation are safe. All files are on cloud servers fully secured by NAV Protect.

100% Simple

Site monitoring, malware scanning and backup start working for you as soon as you set them up the way you want them.

Essential for your website, backup from NAV

Secure backup
in smart cloud

Every file, folder and database is safe, protected and available.

Protection against
hacks & ransomware

Daily malware scans and continuous backup monitoring.

Protection against
system errors

Fast recovery for any lost or damaged file without site interruption.

Site restoration
with one click

Complete website restoration or file recovery with one click.

Backup retention
and local downloads

Local backups can be downloaded for emergency access or migration.

Full control
and full automation

Unlimited settings for backup automation and access to backups.

We support you!

The Backup Website service is free for web hosting packages from NAV and protect your website while you grow your business online.

Web Hosting — Secure

Get more security

With NAV Protect services your website is fast, secure and always online.

SSL Certificates

We offer a wide range of SSL certificates, including DV, OV or EV SSL certificates.

From €11 yearly

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Site Security

Protection with all the tools you need to protect your online business.

From €19 yearly

Website protection

Managed SSL

SSL certificates with installation and administration included through SSL Managed by NAV service.

De la €16 anual

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Your Question, Our Answer

What type of file transfer are you using?

We use FTP or SFTP depending on the host server. If your site is hosted by NAV, we can automatically set up the FTP/SFTP connection for you.

Website backup works with other web hosts?

Yes. The Website Backup service is platform independent and compatible with any hosting provider.

The WebSite Backup service provides security?

Absolutely yes! Website Backup encrypts all files, folders and databases that are transferred and stored. In addition, Website Backup offers a daily malware scan, continuous security monitoring and reputation monitoring.

How one-click restore works?

If you want to restore an entire website, simply go to the WebSite Backup panel, locate the website you want to restore and click "Restore". You can also restore any file or folder and select the directory you want to restore it to.

How scheduled backup works?

In the WebSite Backup control panel, daily, weekly or monthly backup can be selected, as well as the backup start time.

What type of databases are supported?

Website Backup supports MySQL, one of the most popular databases on Linux.