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NAV Data Center

Professional services in our own Data Center

With state-of-the-art equipment that offers high availability we can provide collocation services in a professional environment for hosting servers and other hardware.

Data Center

Data center that has modern technical facilities through which redundancy is implemented of all the key elements that contribute to ensuring the continuous operation of the servers.

Cisco Network

Our network is built exclusively on tested, robust and state-of-the-art Cisco equipment. The network model is a redundant "2n" type, which means that for any key equipment in the network there is an identical one that is ready to take over all traffic in the event of an unwanted event or scheduled work, without this having an impact on services. All these factors lead to a 99.99% uptime of the network.

Exchange and Core Layer

For the Exchange and Core layer we use equipment from the "6500E" series equipped with the "2T XL" Supervisor, which guarantees the uninterrupted transit of any type of traffic and meets all the needs of a state-of-the-art network.

Distribution and Aggregation Layer

The distribution and aggregation layer was built using Cisco equipment from the series „4500” (4900M, 4948-10GE).


The connectivity in our data center is achieved through stable interconnections with the major national and international operators having peering over 140Gbps. Thus, in our data center you will benefit from stable Internet connectivity and a minimum 99.99% uptime guaranteed through SLA.

DDoS Protection

Our protection against computer attacks is based on a packet-level traffic analysis solution and high-performance hardware equipped with 40GE network interfaces. The attack cleaning capacity is 140Gbps/20Mpps.
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Within the data center we have a team of experienced engineers specialized in security, network monitoring and support. Our engineering team ensures smooth operation and support 24 hours a day, to respond promptly in case of unwanted events.
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  • Cisco Comprehensive Infrastructure

  • Dell, HP, SuperMicro, IBM, Intel servers

  • UPS APC Schneider 80kVA

  • Dell PDU (Power Ditribution Unit)

  • Kipor diesel generators

  • Professional anti-seismic system

  • Daikin HVAC cooling systems

Operating Environment

  • Two three-phase power lines

  • Redundant air conditioning N+1

  • Fire detection and extinguishing system

  • Temperature and humidity sensors

  • Water presence sensors

  • Minimum 2 BGP sessions per provider

  • 2 physical connections with each provider


  • Access to the Data Center - According to the contract

  • Hardware DDoS/DOS protection

  • Monitoring of services

  • Support - According to the contract

  • Remote Hands support

  • Start/stop/reboot server

  • KVM-over-IP According to ToS (RO)

we make a difference

Two Three-phase Power Lines

120kVA Diesel Generator

Multiple 80kVA UPS

HVAC Industrial Air Conditioning Systems Daikin

Anti-Seismic Rack Fixing System

Fire Detection and Extinguishing Sensors

Air Remperature and Humidity Sensors


The data center is designed and built according to the highest industry standards, TIA-942 Tier III.

Together with a team of engineers specialized in data center design and implementation, we identified the best solutions for ensuring operational conditions above standards, while maintaining commercial competitiveness in a market that tends towards a higher SLA an affordable cost.

We differentiate ourselves from other collocation centers by implementing intelligent operating and management solutions, which allow the user an extremely efficient management of the equipment.

Rack Cabinets

Within the data center we use 19-inch racks produced by a reputable company (Dell) in accordance with the "EIA-310-D" standard to provide quality and compatibility. Our standard supports have 42 units available, Rack Units (RU), per cabinet, with dimensions 600mm x 1040mm.


NAV data center complies with all the security norms, being equipped with systems such as: "Fingerprint" which acts on the basis of fingerprint and code, video surveillance at the building and data center level, fire detection and extinguishing, anti-theft system, temperature sensors and air humidity but also human protection.

Air Conditioning

Maintaining an optimal temperature (21°-23°C) is vital for the proper functioning of the servers, which is why we use the most advanced Daikin industrial air conditioners. High efficiency Daikin inverter coolers are top of the range in terms of cooling capacity in this market segment.

Diesel Generator and UPS

In the event of a power outage, the 120kVA diesel generator supplies APC UPSs with a power of 80kVA which provides a range of approximately 17 hours. Autonomy that can be guaranteed indefinitely by refueling the generator.

Your Question, Our Answer

What are the benefits of server colocation?

The advantages can be many, but the most important ones are the ones where you do not have to invest in redundant air conditioning solutions, in professional UPS and diesel generators. We provide you access to the Internet without having to negotiate with different providers. You have access to your server at any time for troubleshooting, upgrades, etc.

What should I do before I bring the equipment?

It is important that before you bring the server you must install your operating system on it so that you can remotely connect to it. We also recommend that you configure your IP settings before bringing it. These details will be provided to you by our colleagues from the technical department. This way, if there are no complications, the entire installation will only involve powering the equipment and connecting it to the switch.

Why would I place the server at NAV?

Because both our equipment and those of our customers are hosted in their own "Tier 3 ready" Data Centers in the northern area of Bucharest, equipped with professional systems of air conditioning, redundant electricity supply, fire protection and anti-seismic protection.

I have to sign something when I bring equipment?

Naturally, when you leave the equipment in our custody, in addition to the contract for the provision of Data Center services, a report will be signed in two copies, one of which will remain with us and one with you. It will contain detailed information about your equipment and its technical characteristics.

I still have questions!

Is OK! Please feel free to talk to one of our sales representatives by accessing the LiveChat system! Our sales representatives will be more than happy to help you with any questions you have. You can also send an email to our sales department at any time, our sales team offering a maximum of 15 minutes guarantee for any response during our program hours.