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Commercial / Sales

Available for both new and existing customers.

We will help you with any information about our services, price quotes or help with orders.

+40 (21) 655-55-55 Line 1

Business hours: Monday – Friday

09:30am – 17:30pm

Through email: sales@nav.co


Only available to existing customers.

We will provide you with technical information about our services or technical problems encountered.

+40 (21) 655-55-55 Line 2

Business hours: Monday – Friday

08:00am – 00:00pm

Through email: support@nav.co

Design and SEO

Available for both new and existing customers.

We will assist you with any information about our seo and design services.

+40 (21) 655-55-55 Linia 1

Business hours: Monday – Friday

10:30am – 14:30pm

Through email: sales@nav.co

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Data Center Locations

NAV - Develop Locally, Deploy Globally

Data centers

DC NAV TAM01 - Bucharest, Ricinului 120-124, 023647

DC NAV NX01 - Bucharest, Dimitrie Pompeiu, No. 8, Feper, 20337

DC NAV NX02 - Bucharest, Dimitrie Pompeiu, No. 6A, 20337

DC NAV SA01 - South Africa, Cape Town, 123 Arum Road, 7441

DC NAV CO01 - United States, Federal Way, WA, 98001

NAV media




10Gb/s partnership with RCS & RDS.

We continue to invest in our telecommunications infrastructure built on technologies that include top providers such as our new RCS & RDS partner.




IPv6 for web hosting

We love to give good news! If you are already our client or want to become, from today, all of our web hosting packages, including WordPress and Magento hosting have included an additional dedicated IPv6 address.

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