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We develop and grow together!

We have grown with the support of our clients and for this reason we return the favor of those who help us by dividing our incomes. We will give you 10% of the income we earn continuously, for each client you bring us as long as he keeps its active service.

Add our banners with ads for services to your site

The users of your site interact with the ads

Our site welcomes users interested in services

Users purchase services and become our customers

You have a commission every time the customer pays for their services

You can always bring in other affiliates to double your winnings

Program available for
the following services:

Web hosting

VPS hosting

Dedicated servers


Simply have an account created with us in the system and contact us to activate your affiliate link. If you do not have an open account, please contact us to open one.

What we offer you?

  • 10% from the value of the receipts from the clients you bring during the whole period in which they pay their services value.

  • Real time statistics.

  • We pay the commission on time
    (minimum withdrawal amount is 100 EUROs VAT included).

How it works?

Everything is simple

You can insert in the pages of your site an html code (any embed code below) that will display a banner or text with a link to https://www.nav.co or you can use the partner link in the signature from email, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.), personal blog or even the virtual store. You decide what strategy to use to attract as much money as possible.

When a visitor clicks on the NAV banner on your site, this information will remain in the cookie file for 90 days. Even if that visitor does not place an order at that time and returns after a few days on our site to place the order, the affiliate system will register the order as being from you and so the commission will be registered in your account.

Paste the html code into the pages of your site

Choose the right size

cod embed

Embed code:

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